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Game Theory: A Critical Introduction

Hargreaves-Heap. Game Theory: A Critical Introduction Authors:Hargreaves-Heap.
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Book Summary:
Game theory now provides the theoretical underpinning for a multitude of courses in economics worldwide. The speed of these developments has been remarkable and they have constituted something of a revolution. Indeed, the basic tenets of game theory have now begun to colonize other social sciences and its proponents have been unified in claiming its natural basis as a rational theory of society. But the technical demands of the subject and the lack of clarity of many commentators' explanations have been a problem for many. This second edition of Shaun Hargreaves-Heap and Yanis Varoufakis's classic text strips away the mystique and lets the student make his or her own mind up. This new edition: * lays bear the philosophy behind game theory and explains all its major concepts * conducts a clear explanation and careful analysis of all the main 'games', such as repeated games and the prisoner's dilemma, as well as less well-trodden topics such as...

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