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AI Game Programming Wisdom 4

Steve Rabin. AI Game Programming Wisdom 4 Authors:Steve Rabin.
Publisher:Charles River Media
Price:4840.2 rub.

Book Summary:
AI Game Programming Wisdom 4, is the all new volume in this indispensable series. Packed with the insights of industry pros, the book provides new tricks, techniques, algorithms, architectures, and approaches to help programmers avoid redundancy and save aluable programming time. As with the previous volumes, this book is designed to provide practical advice for building state-of-the-art game AI for the games of today and tomorrow. In this volume, section editors will continue to add their valuable insighs to the articles and help ensure the highest quality of the techniques. AI Game Programming Wisdom 4 provides advances, discoveries, and techniques that will affect the direction and use of game AI for the next generation of games. The breadth of experiece and diverse backgrounds of the authors make this a truly global, cross-sectional resource for game AI. Volume 4 is divided into timely sections, and as with previous volumes a cumulative index is included for easy cross referencing...

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