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The A to Z of Classic Computer Games

Jack Railton. The A to Z of Classic Computer Games Authors:Jack Railton.
Price:2837 rub.

Book Summary:
Do you remember what it was like when computers were new? When they seemed mysterious and even exciting? If you have ever had a magical gaming moment - on a home computer or in an arcade - then The A to Z of Cool Computer Games is the book for you! Prepare to download a diverse and highly entertaining plethora of computational nostalgia that includes sections on: * The Computers - Looking back at the systems of yore from 'Acorn' to the 'ZX Spectrum'. * The Games - All the most important and best-remembered titles (or perhaps, not remembered, such as 'Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time') will be lovingly recalled. * The Arcades, the most frightening kids and the rules of engagement. * The Paraphernalia - Joysticks, tape boxes, manuals, characters, TV ads, magazines and loads of other ancillary ephemera.

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