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Java 1.4 Game Programming (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)

Andrew Mulholland, Glenn Murphy. Java 1.4 Game Programming (Wordware Game and Graphics Library) Authors:Andrew Mulholland, Glenn Murphy.
Price:4038.6 rub.

Book Summary:
With the release of Java 1.4, it is now possible to develop more advanced computer games using the Java language than ever before. Java 1.4 Game Programming focuses on the technical aspects of game programming using the latest release of Java, beginning with an introduction to the Java programming language and building upon that knowledge by exploring the key elements required to develop games, such as graphics, input, sound, and networking. Features new in Java 1.4, including full-screen exclusive mode,new graphics features, and NIO networking, are also covered. * Gain a solid foundation in the Java 1.4 language. * Learn key issues associated with graphics programming in Java. * Understand the importance of threads throughout all related topics. * Find out how to handle mouse and keyboard input correctly in a game environment. * Develop a reusable sound manager for your games. * Learn about animation, collision detection, and high-resolution timing. * See...

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