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Game Art: The Graphic Art of Computer Games

Leo Hartas, Dave Morris. Game Art: The Graphic Art of Computer Games Authors:Leo Hartas, Dave Morris.
Price:2085 rub.

Book Summary:
Adult/High School-A visual feast, this book is a required purchase for any library inhabited by teens, artists, computer programmers, serious or casual gamers, or all of the above. More than 500 color illustrations dance around a text that's written in a style slightly more sophisticated than Wired magazine. More than just an art book, the volume is full of interviews with game artists, programmers, and other computer luminaries. Discussions outline the process that game design teams go through when choosing the point of view of the player character, interiors, and the "feel" of the games, from proto-mythological to urban noir, and the visual choices that govern the experience of the gamer. The book briefly covers the use of 3-D-rendering programs, the mathematics of shape and scale when designing physical locations and nonhuman characters, the differences inherent in writing for games as opposed to TV and movies, the various subgenres, and where games may be going in the future. The...

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