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3D Game Programming All In One

Kenneth C Finney. 3D Game Programming All In One Authors:Kenneth C Finney.
Price:3763.8 rub.

Book Summary:
Get ready for an amazing journey into the world of game development! "3D Game Programming All in One" is your one-stop tour guide into this new world. If you believe that you can create games that are as cool asor cooler thanthe ones you ve been playing,now s your chance to prove it. This book will give you the training, experience, and tools you need to turn your ideas into reality. Using a well-defined toolkit of programs, knowledge, skills, and ideas "3D Game Programming All in One" covers each step required to make a fully featured game. You ll cover everything from opportunities within the game industry and elements of a 3D game to programming concepts, modeling, textures, and music. All you need to begin your journey is a creative idea and the enthusiasm to bring that idea to life.

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